All Nations Christian Church International was formed in 2006 under the name All Nations Anglican Church, a church described by the Worldwide Anglican Communion as being a “Continuing Church”. “By this they mean that they are continuing with characteristics that some Canterbury-communion churches have chosen not to continue. You will often see the term ‘the continuum’ to refer to the collection of churches that have broken away from Canterbury in order to do what they see as continue the old traditions.

In order to have an Anglican church in valid apostolic succession, one needs to have one bishop whose consecration is through an Anglican origin. While that bishop may have been consecrated in the Anglican church, he has no obligation to remain administratively part of it. Each of these churches listed on this page has at least one independent bishop, and has a compelling reason for not being part of the Canterbury communion”. http://anglicansonline.org/communion/nic.html

The church was established by a group of American Anglican Ministers and parishioners who felt the historically established, Christian biblical truths, regarding issues such as sexuality and marriage, were at risk of being swept aside by a tide of liberalism. Disenfranchised because of their orthodox, biblical views, the All Nations Anglican Church was established with Patriarch John Githiga as the first bishop. Patriarch Githiga, like all ANCCI subsequent bishops have been consecrated in Anglican Apostolic Succession.

Since it’s conception, ANCCI has found that around the globe there are people, ministers, churches, and ministries, facing similar situations to what they had encountered. Others, are simply looking to be in fellowship with a church that holds to a biblical emphasis and openness to the work of the Holy Spirit. Whatever the reasons, ANCCI has grown rapidly through both missions and affiliations, the latest estimate reveals there are close to 1,000,000 church members with around 9,000 ordained ministers affiliated within the ANCCI worldwide network.