Bishop Steven Lyn Evans

Bishop Steven Evans

Steven Lyn Evans left his home in South Wales as a young 20 year old with a dream to become a singer; within four days he was singing on the stage of the world famous London Palladium! In 1996 whilst performing at the Royal Variety Show, Steve spent time with fellow Welshman Tom Jones and became convinced that his ‘calling’ was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nightclub singing with the group Rentntwain around 1990Steve studied for three years at the London Bible College where he attained a B.A. (hons) degree in Theology and a Higher Education Diploma in Evangelism. During this period he was a leader of the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle’s London Church plant. Following this period he became an accredited Methodist Local Preacher and was given the Methodist ‘Charge to Preach’ by Rev. Dr. Lord Griffiths of Wesley’s Chapel, London.  He then trained at St. Michael’s Anglican College, Llandaff, Wales, where he attained his Masters Degree in Theology, which led to a Doctor of Theology degree in 2010.

In April 2012 Steve was consecrated as a Bishop by All Nations Christian Church International (ANCCI) in Anglican Apostolic Succession. He is on the College of Bishops of ANCCI and is a Regent and Faculty member of the All Nations Christian Church International University which is headquartered and chartered in Texas, U.S.A. He is based in local pastoral ministry with his wife Mikah, at Living Faith Church in Greater Manchester, England.  In addition, his ministry work also involves overseeing churches, preaching at international conferences, broadcasting the Gospel through the written media, the world wide web, and satellite television.

Steve ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ powerfully, many times with miracles following, testimonies of these have been featured positively front page secular newspaper headlines in Great Britain. He believes that in these postmodern often cynical times the bible is the touchstone for Christian life and the Holy Spirit the essential power source.

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