All Nations Christian Church International is a: Christ-centred, biblically based, evangelical, charismatic, trinitarian, apostolic, Anglican, orthodox, sacramental, ecumenical, spiritually vibrant, culturally sensitive, loving and caring Church. We desire to live out the faith that has been received and carried on by the Church throughout the centuries.

In apostolic succession, we draw from catholic, orthodox heritages. ANCCI encompasses All Nations Anglican Church and many other churches and ministries throughout the globe. We preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to All Nations in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our belief is summed up in the historical statements of the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

Welcome to the ANCCI Europe website. We are an ethnically diverse mission focused international affiliation of Christian churches and missionary organisations. We have a Christian fellowship structure, a convergence of unity, our strength is born from our relationships together rather than an imposed and unrelated hierarchy. Those churches and organisations that join in fellowship with us maintain their own autonomy yet benefit from the encouragement of being part of a wider movement that is shaped through loving relationships and biblical foundations. In this way we believe our fellowship together is close to the pattern of the early church.

Our Calling and Emphasis

  • We cherish the historically accepted Christian liturgies. In appreciation for diverse cultures and modern languages, we use traditional and indigenous liturgies relevant to contemporary peoples.
  • We reach out to, and rejoice at being in, ministry with persons of all races, nations, cultures, skills, abilities, graces, gifts and diversity.
  • We listen to theological voices raised from the whole colour spectrum of the human race.
  • We are ecumenical in obedience to Christ’s prayer that his followers would all be one, even as He and the Father are one.
  • We include our spouses and families in ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • We ordain women into Holy Orders. We honour our Lord’s commission to women that they witness to the Good News of the Resurrection and we respect the place He afforded them in ministry.
  • We present ourselves as willing servants to our Lord Jesus Christ that He might fill us with His Holy Spirit, empower us with the Holy Spirit’s gifts, and manifest His fruits through us.